Alliance for a Cavity Free Future

Alliance for a Cavity Free Future
Stop Caries NOW for a Cavity-Free Future
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Get inspired listening to top speakers on caries prevention and management in these pre-recorded webcasts from around the world. Also, do not forget to watch and share the latest video adventures of Dr. Rabbit and the Tooth Defenders with your younger brushers.

Professional Webcasts

Dr. Burton Edelstein guest speaker at the Canada-US ACFF Chapter launch
on October 31st 2015

Framing caries management in children as a public policy issue consistent with healthcare reform currently underway in the US.

Watch the video here

Children's Education

Colgate "Tooth Defenders"

Share the adventures of Dr. Rabbit and Dr. Brushwell with children in this fun video. Meet ordinary characters who turn into Super Dentists and Tooth Defenders when the slimy Placulus and his band of plaque monsters come along.

Together, the team undertakes a mission to protect Tooth City from the sugary villain and his sticky schemes!